Re-using natures limited resources Modular wash Plant. Re-cycling and Aggregates.
Waste Transfer Station

Recycling & Waste Transfer

Ruttle Plant with the recent investment in a new Modular Washing Plant, operate a Recycling & Waste Transfer Station from their facility in Chorley, where we recycle and process a range of re-cycled aggregates, sands and soils.

With the recent acquisition of local quarries and 2 further landfill sites, this will maintain Ruttle’s position at the forefront of our market competitors.

All re-cycled products are regularly tested by independent UKAS accredited testing laboratories, and are manufactured in line with WRAP and Highways England Specification.

With a fleet in excess of 50 tipper wagons, our products can be quickly and efficiently distributed across the North West.

Ruttle Aggregates - 100% Washed Recycled Aggregates

Offering a wide range of 100% washed recycled aggregates.

We are very proud to be able to offer such environmentally friendly and sustainable aggregates diverting thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill.

Our Products include;

0-2mm Soft Sand / 0-4mm Sharp Sand / 10mm Recycled Pipe bedding / 20mm Recycled Pipe Bedding / Recycled MOT

The Ruttle Wash Plant

Ruttle had undertaken the infrastructure works themselves to ensure tight programme milestones were met on schedule.

Ruttle’s Modular Wash Plant was manufactured by C.D.E., who have transported the elements of the Wash Plant from their facility in Ireland and attended Ruttle’s depot to re-assemble the components

With the various elements of the Wash Plant previously assembled and dis-assembled in Ireland and tagged and transported making it a simple task for the C.D.E., workforce to complete in a matter of weeks.

With temporary generators in place, it is a quick process to commission and carry out on site testing of all equipment.

How they work

The plant solution begins with CDE’s R4500 primary feeding system. With its scalping unit and unique design offering protection to the downstream process the R4500 machine has the capability to process some of the toughest construction and demolition waste. Following on from its aggressive screening process, the R4500 will feed the system with a controlled and constant flow of material. The machine integrates seamlessly with the AggMax 80 as part of a modular process.

The material is first rinsed on a ProGrade screen, where all material smaller than 80mm is taken into the RotoMax, the heart of the AggMax machine. The sub 80mm material is scrubbed by the RotoMax to break down the remaining clay balls, organic material that may exist in the material is removed by floatation at the rear of the RotoMax. Post RotoMax, the aggregates are screened further on a ProGrade dry screen to create three clean, sellable aggregate products: 4-10mm, 10-20mm and 20-80mm.

The -4mm particles are transferred to the EvoWashTM sand washing system for further processing and separation into two differing sizes, 0-2mm and 0-4mm. The hydrocyclone technology within the EvoWashTM ensures quality fines are recovered from silts and clays within the feed material.

Washed product outputs are stockpiled from accompanying conveyors while the silt and clay fraction flows with the waste water to the next stage of processing. Fines are passed to the AquaCycleTA600 water treatment system which allows high rate settlement of the fine particles to the bottom of the thickener tank. The now clean water overflows the thickener tank into a water tank, ready for pumping around the plant again.

Sludge produced by the Aquacycle is then taken to a Filterpress which extracts the remaining water that exists within the sludge. Not only does this reduce the water requirement of the plant, the dry cake produced in some cases can be sold as another product, allowing the wash plant to become 100% efficient in terms of material produced for sale.

Benefits of

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Diverting waste from Landfill
  • Sustainable process
  • Reducing the requirement for quarried aggregates
  • Reducing delivery and transport mileage
  • Zero waste from production process

Benefits of

  • Reduced costs to customers
  • Reduction of impact on the Environment
  • Less Quarrying / Less material to Landfill
  • Less waste, over 96% of material washed re-used
  • Water flocculated prior to re-use
  • Process can be adapted to fine tune gradings

What Aggregates do we supply

We are committed to recycling in order to, reduce the impact waste has on the environment. We believe persevering and reusing natural resources, where possible, is the first step towards a sustainable future.

We recycle as many waste types as possible, which arise from construction and demolition, and are recycled and supplied as Recycled Aggregates or Recycled Materials that can be used again.

All recycled products are manufactured in line with WRAP’s quality protocol and Highway Works Specifications. Our aggregate recycling method involves a carefully managed process of chemical testing, screening, crushing and grading.

Our recycled aggregates are available in different sizes and grades and can be used for many different applications from 6F2 for road construction to recycled soils for landscaping and gardens.

0-4mm Grit Sand

4-10mm Pipe Bedding

10-20mm Pipe Bedding

0-2mm Cable Sand