Products Available

  • Certified Screened Topsoil
  • Fill Sand
  • Recycled MOT
  • Certified Crushed 6F2
  • Certified Crushed 6F5
  • 50mm Clean
  • 10mm Pipe Bedding
  • Decorative Cobbles
  • Stone Sets
  • Rockery Stone


Ruttle Plant operate a dedicated facility to process and recycle aggregate materials and is one of the North West’s leading suppliers of recycled aggregates, sand and soils to the construction industry.

With our dedicated recycling facility we can ensure the highest levels of product quality and offer very competitive prices, we also help our clients embrace the principles of sustainable construction and fulfil their duties under the waste hierarchy.These materials can offer an economical alternative to quarried aggregates as well as helping you to achieve a more environmental friendly solution.

By preserving natural resources, recycled aggregates not only improve the sustainability of any project but also help reduce project costs.


All recycled products are manufactured in line with WRAP’s quality protocol and Highway Works Specifications. Our aggregate recycling method involves a carefully managed process of chemical testing, screening, crushing and grading prior to delivery.

All materials are regularly tested by UKAS accredited independent testing laboratories.
Our recycled aggregates are available in different sizes and grades and can be used for many different applications from 6F2 for road construction to recycled soils for landscaping and gardens.

With a fleet of over 30 Tipper Wagons, our recycled aggregates can be delivered across the North West or collected from one of our Material Recycling Facilities.